Release Notes v16

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Release notes v16

At long last v16 has been released! This release provides a very large amount of new functionality, mostly done to support the latest functionality in our Service Management application. However, major portions of the platform had to be improved or rewritten to ensure this was possible, which will ensure that all of our customers benefit.

Click here to see a video of the highlights!

Service Management application enhancements

The SM bundle remains the focus of the development department. While the last two releases focused quite a bit on the processes themselves (incident, problem, etc), this release aims to round out the ITIL suite with a full RFC (change management) suite as well as a supporting CMDB. What's more, the new relationships capabilities are put to full use in SM, providing support relationships between people and incidents ("watching", "assisting", etc) as well as relationships between the various ITIL documents (incidents and their parent major incidents/problems, problem to RFC, incident to RFC, incident/problem to knowledge, etc). You'll see even more of the relationship usage in the CMDB, where the new "Relationship viewer" component is used to do root cause and impact analysis.

  • Title slot added to knowledge form
  • Summarizer added to knowledge form
  • Knowledge content made slightly larger
  • Taskboard page added for incident
  • Taskboard made the primary interface for sprint records
  • Time management dashboard redesigned
  • Logic Monitor integration added
  • Product, Agreement, Invoice relationships added
  • Sales leads record enhanced
  • NCentral integration enhanced with more functions
  • Knowledge article creation button added to incident
  • Domain and Subspace slots added to company form
  • Incident, Problem, and RFC forms all updated to use new relationships
  • Relationship types added for Incident -> Problem and Problem -> RFC
  • Sales activities simplified to a single bucket with a new "Type" slot
  • "Scheduled" state added to Sales activity bucket
  • Story lifecycles reorganized
  • Sales dashboard redesigned
  • CSAT dashboard redesigned
  • Time review reminders now configurable to be sent daily
  • VITM and VCIO work buckets now available
  • PDF generation buttons added for Quotes and Invoices
  • CSAT component fixed
  • CI filter on the incident form has been improved to allow for CIs that have no company
  • The "Cancel incident" button is now hidden when not usable
  • Sales lead lifecycle improved
  • "Working leads" link added to Sales navigation
  • Invoices now automatically generated based on agreement duration and billing cycles
  • Usage (and overage) now automatically calculated from entitlements and time entries
  • Multiple email notifications modified to use the new master work template
  • Sprints and Story forms now set to autosave
  • ITSM home page reorganized
  • Hubspot integration now available
  • "Knowledge approvers" relationship added to company record
  • Knowledge approval lifecycle added
  • Connectwise integration now available
  • Normal RFC form redesigned
  • Simple offer flow now available for Service Catalog items
  • Financial impact slots added to RFC
  • Approval bar component query and link fixed
  • Resolution codes now configurable from admin page
  • "Watchers" are now included in some end-user emails
  • Relationship flows added for incident -> knowledge and incident -> problem relationships
  • Company 360 page added
  • Multiple CMDB buckets and relationships added/enhanced
  • Kill count mapper fixed
  • Relationship map links added for CIs and Services
  • Subject matter expert (SME) slot added to Normal RFC
  • "What's next" section added to email templates and "What's next rules" added to admin page
  • Device inventory and asset tagging now available for CIs
  • Incident CI slot removed and replaced with relationships
  • RFC enhanced to use the new "Execution plan" tasks
  • Standard change template functionality added
  • "CMDB viewer" functional group added

Work application enhancements

Nothing out of the ordinary added to the work bundle this time around, other than supporting functionality described above.

  • Activity log filtering added
  • SLA timer widget now showing "Paused" and "Complete" when appropriate
  • Email templates added
  • Title component slots are now editable
  • Message template security fixed
  • Mentioning someone in the activity log now adds an "Assisting" relationship (instead of "Watching")
  • Mentioning someone now refreshes details component
  • Relationship additions are now logged in the activity log
  • Title component now kept in sync with the detail component (if applicable)
  • New Quill "autolinks" now shown in activity log

Platform enhancements


  • Execution plans (project plan) now usable across all applications
  • Microsoft API client modules added
  • "Previous runs" in the scripter component now use a slidein
  • Company now added to transaction cache, and "getCompanyId()" and "getCompanyName()" functions added to $transaction
  • Translations extended to support left nav bar
  • "Today" made the default selection (formerly "Now") when filtering a Date/Time slot
  • Copy action now works with slideins
  • Alt-w workspace screen now showing releases and patches
  • Detail forms now have an "Attachments" extension
  • "Data tags" renamed to just "Tags"
  • Navigation added for number maintenance
  • Notification devices now auto-managed through user attributes (email and phone)
  • React updated to 16.13.1
  • Taskboard now listens for data changes made elsewhere and reacts
  • Added ability to set the height on markdown and html widgets
  • Support to group by dataset values by date range
  • Shortcut command for typescript watcher
  • Email logo added to bundle preferences
  • Scripter shortcut using new slideout (alt-x)
  • Taskboard improvements
  • "Only alphanumeric" strings now accept dots and dashes
  • User profile link added to upper right corner
  • Added a video icon to Quill editor
  • Allowance for embedded videos in Quill to resize
  • Add a client authentication option for oauth and support for basicauth
  • Date/Time slots now have Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 options for filtering
  • Impersonation now supported when hopping to lower spaces
  • NPM installs now automatic when pulling bundle changes
  • Security improvements to support newer schemas


  • NPM set to run in "Production" mode reducing memory usage


  • Relationship map component added, showing a D3-based rendering of relationships
  • Relationship styles added to allow the relationship map to display bucket icons and conditional indications
  • Toggle added to relationship map to allow disabling of either upstream or downstream relationships
  • New "Grouped" view
  • Relationships added to the condition builder
  • Now able to limit what relationships a user can see
  • Relationships now use a slide-in
  • Relationship flows added to allow for more advanced relationship selection
  • New "Question picker" flow action added for relationship flows
  • New "Search and select" flow action added for relationship flows

Schema tags/Schemas

  • Huge reimplementation of schemas across the board
  • "Schema tags" has been renamed to "Schemas"
  • Importer now supports importing schema tags
  • Tags can now be dubbed "First class"
  • "Stuck" attribute added to schemas, removing access to toggle them off from the record


  • Company switcher now available in the top bar
  • Space tree now showing higher level spaces to support hopping "up" (if allowed)
  • Visual indicator on the top bar when in a lower space
  • Trusted group "Type" slot added


  • Approvals now use "Relationships" to manage approvers
  • Normal RFC "Approval status" screen now available
  • Approval configurations can now be used to define advanced approval workflows


  • Slidein functionality added and applied throughout the system
  • Labels on top now the default setting across the system
  • CSS widget is now 20 rows by default
  • Side tabs now available in detail component
  • Horizontal ruler component now allows for a title
  • List filters now use slide-ins to display
  • Confirm dialog now skipped if holding the shift key
  • Quill now auto links any linkable text


  • Help returned to banner bar
  • Help refactored to use slideins