Release Notes v14

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Release notes v14

We're excited to share the details of 0.14! Quite a bit of work has been done to ensure our customers' requests were delivered as part of this release!

Service Management application enhancements

Activity log v2

Quill support

Quill support has been added to the activity log! This'll enable more powerful rich text editing for your comments.

Quill creation.png

Quill result.png

Public/Private messages


Message templates

Clickable references

Time tracking timer

CSAT reports

A new component has been built specifically to display the complex CSAT statistics

Csat dashboard.png

ITSM light

Inbound email rules for things going into "intake"

Platform enhancements

Node extender (Datastore script functionality)

Added "source" and "internal" attributes to audit bucket to keep track of who made the change and if its internal it will not show up on activity log

Reference links clickable on lists,

Async events/queue

Slot picker on action notification (dot walking reference)

Cleanup of group to group, and functional group to group

Updated OOB email templates

Action bar on details form

Actions on details moved to a top bar so they dont scroll

Added the ability to show tags on a list and to hide actions

WidgetEmail hide_email_icon attribute

FontAwesome5 icon refresh

Reclassification support for a classification bucket

Email bucket that tracks outbound and inbound email

Style cleanup on choice picker

Added "Current user has function" to transaction custom condition

Bar components

precord variable (previous record) on UPDATE triggers

Defined tags (a way to map tag names that show up as icons)

Bundle patch option for running on install

Bundle install validation script - the ability to run a script, on install of bundle, to validate if its allowed to be installed

Areas - The ability to define names of "areas" for a bundle. Also the ability to create bundle navigation tied to areas.

Added filter support on related lists -- The ability to add a filter when selecting items and a filter when querying for entries

Bundle home page rules

VIP slot on person

LetsEncrypt v2

API DataServiceScriptable.uploadBase64AsFile

API HTTP.addUploadFileToBody

Exposed transaction to action trigger

Making getHeaders accessible on APIRequestScriptable

Better instanceOf support -- check the parent bucket types too

Include classification child buckets when searching a classification

Added updateBundlePreferenceValue to BundleScriptable(id, name, value)

Support passing the space_id into FRecord constructor

Audit log cleanup, store as individual rows (instead of embedded JSON)