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The workspace page allows you to view and manage any bundles that have been installed on your current space of Dreamtsoft.


Alt+W or Option+W will open the Workspace page for any Administrator

The icons listed on the workspace page will assist you in quickly navigating and updating the bundles you have installed in you space.

Workspace page.png
  • The leftmost icons represent the bundles that are installed. Next to these icons will be the name of the bundle along with the version number.
  • Home icon - takes you to the bundle home page.
  • Gears - takes you to the bundle information page where you can view general bundle info along with any local/remote changes to the bundle.
  • Sliders - takes you to the bundle preferences page. These are admin defined settings that allow for simple process change in the bundle.
  • Pencil - displays the number of local changes existing in the bundle.
  • Blue circle - displays the number of remote changes from the external GIT repository
  • Plus - take you to the Manage Bundles page where you can create or load a new bundle.
  • File export - downloads a file of any of the local changes.
  • Cloud - updates all bundles with any remote changes. Note: if there are conflicts the bundle will not update and you will need to view the conflicts in the bundle information page (gears)