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The system bundle is the base bundle that is installed with every instance of Dreamtsoft. This is where foundational elements of the system are defined. For example, prior to any bundles being installed of build a user would need to authenticate to the instance. The system bundles contains the user table and authentication process.

System bundle icon.png

System bundle includes

  • Users & Groups
  • Email account setup
  • Tenancy (Spaces)
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Auditing

Things to remember

The system bundle has visibility to artifacts in all of the installed bundles. However, the system bundle is it's own bundle and may have it's own configurations.

For example, if you were to be in the system bundle and access the incident table, you may see different columns on the list and different fields on the form. This is because you are looking at the system bundle's configuration of the list and form. If you were to access the same incident table in the context of the Service Management bundle you would see a different configuration of lists and forms.

Keeping an eye on the URL

Dreamtsoft keeps track of all changes made to the system, and flags those changes with the name of the bundle that the change was made in. This makes it easier to keep track of your development efforts, not forcing you to arbitrarily define "containers" for your changes. As a result, it's important to keep a close eye on the bundle that you're in at any given time, to ensure your changes will land in the right place.

To accomplish this (or if you ever get "lost"), simply take note of the URL at the top of your browser window, specifically the bundle portion of the URL. The URL will always be in the following format: : areaname/pagename