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Snapshots allow you to ship data with your bundle. Snapshots work by capturing data on a record by record basis and storing that data in a file inside of your bundle. This data includes: attachments, lifecycle history, speaks and relationship metadata. This allows a predefined set of data to be portable to other spaces. You can choose what data you want in the snapshot file and you can load that data as desired in any other space where your bundle is installed.

The use case that will be demonstrated in this article is using a snapshot to define a set of demo data to be reused in a different space.

Creating a Snapshot

To use snapshots, first you want to click the gears, then files. You will see a folder called Snapshot.

Snapshot file folder.png

Next, set up a new folder inside of snapshots by right clicking inside the snapshot folder and click create snapshot. In this example, a folder is created called Demo Data 060419.

Create snapshot.png

Creating demodata folder.png

To populate your snapshot, select the records you want by navigating to the bucket and list of records you would like to unload. In this example, incidents are being unloaded into the Demo Data 060419 snapshot folder.

Populating snapshot.png

Enter the keystroke option + p and choose what bundle and snapshot folder you want to unload the records into:

Choose a bundle.png

Choose a folder.png

Upon this step your snapshot should be created successfully. You will see the record data along with the file attachments from the records that were unloaded inside the snapshot folder.

Using a Snapshot

When it is time to load the snapshot into another space, navigate to your bundle’s snapshot folder in the destination space, right click on your snapshot and choose load snapshot

Load snapshot.png

When the system finishes loading, your snapshot should have populated the appropriate buckets with the data that was shipped with the snapshot.