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What is Knowledge?

  • Detailed report of an issue (incident/problem) and how it was solved.
  • Attachable to other incidents/problems to have easy access to relevant information and possible solutions.

Create Knowledge [Incident/Problem Resolution]

Another reference to creating Knowledge is at: Problem Management

Depending on your configuration, an option to create a Knowledge article from an Incident/Problem will show up at the top right of the record.
(By default, the option will show when the incident/problem has become closed/resolved)

Status is 'Resolved', 'Create KB Article' shows

While in the process of creating the Knowledge, a dialog will ask if you would like to create the article with important messages included. This refers to any message marked as important on the records chat-box. When enabled, your important messages will be added to the resolution steps section of the article.

Messages marked as important
KB article with important messages imported

Once the article is created, a new relationship is made between the Knowledge and the Problem/Incident for easy access on both ends.

Create Knowledge [Manual]

Navigate to Knowledge->All->New entry

Adding a new entry to Knowledge

Configure your article accordingly. To create a relationship to another record, such as an Incident/Problem, click Relationship Editor at the bottom right of your Knowledge record.


To view/edit the lifecycle of a Knowledge article, navigate to Bundle Configuration -> Bucket Management -> All Lifecycles -> Select Knowledge Bucket

Diagram of default Knowledge lifecycle