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Integrations are one of Dreamtsoft's strengths. Not only does Dreamtsoft ship with a complete inbound and outbound REST API built into every aspect of the platform, but we're also in the process of building a library of prebuilt integration bundles that make integrating with conventional technologies simpler.

Custom integrations


REST-integrations have become the industry standard for most modern applications, and this combined with Dreamtsoft's extensive REST capabilities allows just about any application to be fully integrated with rapidly. Full documentation of our REST API can be found here

Prebuilt integrations

The following list of integrations are all the direct result of implementations done with our customers and published for the use of everybody


The Jira integration communicates bi-directionally with the popular Jira platform, allowing synchronous viewing of Jira tickets, as well as the bi-directional transfer of data.


Twilioprovides communication APIs for SMS, Voice, Video, and Authentication, and is the industry standard if you want to extend your application's communication capabilities beyond email.


GetResponse is "Marketing Software for Small Businesses", and has been integrated into Dreamtsoft's CRM bundle.


The DWOLLA integration allows for inbound and outbound payments to be made through the popular DWOLLA payment platform. This can be used to enable payment processing in your Dreamtsoft applications.


LDAP is commonly used for authentication and communication with identity providers like Active Directory, and OpenLDAP. Dreamtsoft has built-in support for inbound and outbound LDAP communication.


Dreamtsoft provides built-in support for both SAML 2.0 and OATH 2.0 integrations with your identity provider.


EDI or "Electronic data exchange" is a set of technical standards to facilitate parties transacting such instruments without having to make special arrangements. Implementing EDI within modern applications proves to be incredibly difficult as the standard can be challenging and complex to interpret. Dreamtsoft's EDI bundle provides the mechanisms to receive, read, interpret, write, and transmit EDI files of any format. A list of the EDI document types and their subsequent codes can be found here.

Beta integrations

The following integrations are being tested, and may be in various states of readiness. Please contact your Dreamtsoft contact(s) for more information


Dreamtsof's Slack integration allows incidents, change requests, demand, or any other records to be quickly created in Dreamtsoft using your Slack application. With a simple "/incident" command, Slack will send your text to Dreamtsoft, and incident will be created in your name, and a summary/link to the incident will be returned.

Dreamtsotf's integration synchronizes updates on the account and contact records between Dreamtsoft and