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Agreements and entitlements

Agreements are pseudo contracts in that they have a set of conditions or rules that will be followed during monthly billing cycles. These "rules" are the individual line items of the agreement.

Once an agreement is active, the individual line items are populated as entitlements. Entitlements are akin to a "bucket of hours". This allows you to define billing periods with individual buckets of hours for specific periods like After Hours, Holiday, and On-site time.

Once entitlements are defined for a billing period and a specific company, the users who log time entries will have their time validated against the agreement to determine if the specific work done was within the agreement terms or outside the terms and would then need to be billed as a separate line item on the monthly invoice.



Creating an Agreement

Creating Line Items within an agreement.

Creating and linking Entitlements to Line items.

Activating the agreement.

Example of logging time against an agreement entitlement

Managing the agreement and time entries

Closing the billing period

Validating the billable line items

Sending monthly invoices to Quickbooks.