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Intake is a landing area for interactions from a customer that have yet to be classified as an incident or request. Most often these are inbound emails that the Service Desk will convert to the appropriate record.

Creating an Intake Record

The primary method of creating an intake record is via the Inbound Email Rule. Dreamtsoft provides a rule configured to take any new email and create an intake record. This allows Service Desk technicians a queue to monitor inbound emails and route them to the correct ITIL practice.

Technicians can also manually create an Intake record by clicking the "+" button when viewing the list of intake records. This allows technicians a place to gather and store information prior to determining if the record should be an incident or a request.

Intake Bar Component

Dreamtsoft provides a bar component to easily monitor the intake queue. The intake bar component is the tray icon in the bottom of the left navigator. This component will display a red badge with a number corresponding to the number of intake records in the queue.

Converting an intake record

  • A user managing the intake queue can convert the intake record and route it to the correct ITIL4 practice. Clicking the double arrow button (pictured below) will open a workflow asking to classify, assign, and prioritize the record.

Note: This workflow is a browser action can be configured like any other workflow in the system. See the Actions page for more information.