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What Are Display Rules?

  • Display rules allow you to conditionally hide, read, and require slots on a details component.

How To Create A Display Rule

First, go to the page or record you have a details component attached.
Then click the Customize Page button at the bottom of your bundles navigation side-bar.

Example incident record with details component

Select details from the list, then select the Edit page attributes button:

Select 'details' then the 'Edit page attributes' button

A slide-out Edit Details will appear. Here you can see the existing display rules and add new display rules.

DisplayRules 3.jpg

Click on the add record button (+ sign), then a new slide-out will open:

Adding a new display rule slide-out

Enabling a display rule will default to A Display Rule: Always. Switching it to any other slot will present a conditions input.
As an example, I am only going to show the impact level if it is not low impact:

Will not display 'Impact' if it is 'Low'

To build on this condition, click the + sign on the right side of the condition:

Hide slot 'Impact' if 'Impact' is 'Low' and if 'Title' contains 'test'

Stacking conditions this way will have them be linked by an "and" logic. To make "or" statements, make a new grouping:

Hide 'Impact' if [Impact is Low, Title contains test] OR [Impact is Medium]

Types of Display Rules

  • Hidden - Slot is no longer visible on record, but exists on it
  • Readonly - Slot is no longer writable to
  • Mandatory - Slot is now required to be filled with information (can't be left blank)