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Actions are used to run logic against records, interfaces, or users in the system. This logic can include any number of sequenced activities combined to make the system behave as your bundle requires.

Browser Actions

Browser actions initiate a client side workflow that can be launched from either a button click, or by pressing a specific key combination (keystroke).


  • New
  • Create Problem
  • Convert Intake
  • Export

Documentation Action

The documentation actions are used in any component that uses markdown. This action will create a text link in the markdown that will run the flow designed in the action.

Notification Action

Notification actions give you the ability to send an email when a condition is met. For example you can send emails when a bucket is changed or when an incident is created. You can send this email to groups of users or to specific slots; for example, the requested for slot on an incident form can be sent an email. Notifications also have the ability to send when a "speak" is sent or created. This will give the person receiving the email a notification that they have an unread speak on a specific record number. To learn more about notification actions and how they are used go to our YouTube:

Tree Action

Tree actions are used on the tree component. They provide the ability to update and insert records using a folder or file system structure


Triggers are server side workflows that are initiated by a change in value on a record.


  • Auto creation of a problem when a priority 1 incident status is set to resolved
  • Update a person's active status when they're hire date is changed